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What is the truth about God? We can guess. Perhaps it is that God loves us. I suppose if we're honest and read the scripture closely, one might wonder whether God loves the unrepentant sinner caught in the act of sinning. Does He? Perhaps the truth about God is that God is not a man with a gray beard. That's probably somewhat obvious to anyone who is older than seven years. But does God have a gender? Good question, since God is told to have created humans, both male and female. One might say that God predates gender by an infinite number of years. Why do we use the pronoun He then? Another good question.

People have questions. Some of those questions are the questions of an inquisitive species with a mind made in the image of God. Some questions are spawned from the pages of history as powerful people used faith to motivate bloody invations and coups.

Christian workers have questions like, "How do I make a video that is compelling?" or, "What can I do to inspire college students to broaden their faith and connection with God?"

This site has various sections based on needs that arise to provide tools, resources, fresh perspectives, and techniques to those who wish to learn more about God or help others to do the same.

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